In the Spread: Upcoming Releases

The In the Spread team is always hard at work on new projects and will keep several in the editing process, so that we can continue to add new sport fishing instructional films and short videos on a regular basis. So, in the spirit of keeping you up to date on what you can expect to watch soon, the following films will be released in March and April.

One that we have already finished editing and are ready to start loading onto the site is the “Tarpon on an Incoming Tide” featuring RJ Boyle and tarpon ninja Capt. Russell Kleppinger. Wow! There is a lot of actionable info in this one. Another great film that will come out with the tarpon film is “Cubera Snapper Fishing” featuring RJ Boyle and legendary Capt. Bouncer Smith. What a time we had filming with Bouncer. We look forward to our next project with him. Along with these two we will release the “Bait Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna” with RJ Boyle and Chip Sheehan. If you want to see a guy filled with passion that never stops working, spend a day with Chip. This guy is non-stop. The three of these films and related chapter videos will be out by the end of March.

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