Bark Garnsey Joins "In the Spread" to Talk BIG Marlin

In the course of producing In the Spread instructional videos, we always want to provide you with the very best the sport fishing world has to offer. In that vein, there is nobody more qualified or experienced to discuss big marlin fishing that Captain Bark Garnsey. By big marlin, I am talking about the biggest. There is no bigger sport fishing legend walking the earth. Whether you want to know more about targeting marlin on light tackle using bait and switch or on heavy tackle, Bark Garnsey is the king of kings.

Are we enthusiastic about the opportunity to film with Barkie? Yes, we are fired up! Captain Garnsey has caught so many big fish and several grander marlin as an angler and been the captain when many many more were caught. The most impressive aspect of what he brings to the table is that so much of his experience came while running the boat for another legend, Stewart Campbell, when they were targeting the very biggest marlin on super light tackle. None of their lures had hooks. They pitched baits to grander after grander after grander trying to set light tackle world records.

This is the man we will be producing a In the Spread marlin instructional film with. This is going to be very interesting! What a treat!

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