Full Throttle Media Delivers Rigging Daytime Swordfish Baits to "In the Spread" for Streaming

Full Throttle Media has made available, through inthespread.com, the Rigging Baits for Daytime Swordfish video. You can buy the DVD or stream the video right from the site with a subscription.

If you fish for swordfish or are interested in daytime swordfishing, the one thing that you have to know is how to rig baits for daytime swordfish. Even if you are not going to rig the baits yourself, you should know what a good swordfish bait looks like. Because, the last thing between you and that swordfish is your bait, so it better be right. You may only get one chance.

Who better to learn about daytime swordfish baits than the angler who has put more daytime swords in his boat, using rod and reel, than anyone else in the world, RJ Boyle. With this nearly 3 hour video, RJ reveals 7 of the most productive swordfish baits and how to expertly rig each of them. Learn how to rig the ladyfish, dolphin belly, silver mullet, tinker mackerel, Panama bait, double hooked squid and the bonito belly.

Watch the bait rigging for daytime swordfish video NOW: http://inthespread.com/swordfish.html#swordfishbaits

Buy the bait rigging for daytime swordfish DVD: BUY HERE

Remember, if you are even thinking about going daytime swordfishing, you should know a thing or two about how to rig baits for swordfish.

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Full Throttle Media Shows You How to Catch More Dolphin

In the Spread Dolphin Video
Full Throttle Media has produced another instructional video for In the Spread that details how to catch more dolphin. Targeting and catching a lot of dolphin requires a solid game plan and a systematic approach. Learn what you need to know, in order to catch more dolphin.

Before you head out for a day of fishing where you may run across a school of dolphin or you are specifically targeting dolphin, the In the Spread dolphin fishing video will help take your game to another level. The difference between catching a couple of schoolie dolphin and catching the whole darn school is 100% preparation.

Do you know how to prepare for dolphin fishing?

Do you have what you need to target dolphin?

RJ Boyle cut his teeth with commercial dolphin fishing and he is sharing it all here, so you can catch more dolphin.

In this video he share’s the tips, tactics and techniques needed to fill your box with dolphin, or win that next tournament.
See his systematic approach captured in this “3 hour” instructional video.

Try it now, if you want to how to catch more dolphin!

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Yellowfin Tuna Seminar Video Features Tuna Pros on "In the Spread"

Full Throttle Media's project In the Spread features a yellowfin tuna seminar video that shares some in-depth knowledge on how to catch more yellowfin tuna. This knowledge is provided by Capt. Triston Hunt and Capt. Mark Hamilton, a couple of top tuna pros. The seminar was hosted by RJ Boyle at the RJ Boyle Studio in Lighthouse Point, Florida.

If you are interested in catching more yellowfin tuna, check out this seminar on In the Spread.

Watch the Yellowfin Tuna Video here: http://inthespread.com/seminars.html#yellowfinseminar

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Learn How to Catch World Class Permit with "In the Spread"

Learn professional level tactics and techniques to catch world class permit with the soon to be released In the Spread Permit Fishing instructional video. The Full Throttle Media production team and RJ Boyle traveled to Stuart, Florida to check out the permit action with sport fishing ninja Capt. Scott Fawcett. We really were not prepared for what he had in store for us. You know, Stuart, Florida is not one of those places you think of when permit come to mind, but it should be. Wow! By all accounts, the fishery there is as good as it gets for site casting to schools of giant permit. You are lucky to boat 4-5 fish in a day. The reason for that is it takes an hour+ to just get these beasts to the boat. Sick! This is all the action you can handle on super light weight tackle.

In the Spread should have this video online by the middle of April. Stay tuned to learn from one of the best. Capt. Scott Fawcett shares his secrets on the tackle, stalking techniques, boat handling, baits, the rig, casting to moving schools and much more in our action packed new video. If you want to catch one of these life changing fish, visit Captain Scott Fawcett’s website http://www.offthechainfishing.com and book a trip.

Learn how to catch world class permit with In the Spread and much on the world’s #1 source for sport fishing instructional videos.

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What do you get if you subscribe to In the Spread? That is a great question that we get asked a lot. In brief, you get to watch all the videos on the site with no limitations! That means all the full length videos, all the short videos, all the seminars and all the interviews. You get unlimited access to all our content. You can watch anything and everything as many times as you want. The Seminars and interviews are only available to subscribers!

Moving forward with In the Spread productions, many of our upcoming releases will not be made available on DVD. So, the only way you will be able to watch is to subscribe or pay-per-view. Subscribing is a great value given the amount of in-depth sport fishing instruction you can access. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us at its@fullthrottlemedia.com

Visit www.inthespread.com for more information or to peruse the videos.

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