In the Spread with Ron Schatman

Ron Schatman is a legendary wahoo and blue marlin fisherman from South Florida. Ron has won more money and treasure tournament fishing than you can count and has boated decades worth of big marlin. Is this short video, he shares some of his insight on boats raising blue marlin and how marlin attack a spread of lures. Watch and learn friends!!!

We serendipitously captured these kernels of knowledge for the In the Spread video series at RJ Boyle Studio.

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In the Spread Has Released the Giant Bluefin Tuna Film Featuring Andy Moyes

The much anticipated Giant Bluefin Tuna film from In the Spread is now available. Featuring RJ Boyle and Andy Moyes, this in-depth production takes you through every step of what it takes to catch a grander bluefin tuna. Unreal, to say the least! Fishing out of Ballatynes Cove, in Nova Scotia, Andy and RJ get way outside the box in their discussions on heavy tackle, rigs, tactics and techniques for these blue monsters. This was an epic endeavor for all involved.

At first, the production team at Full Throttle Media was not sure how this film was going to turn out, due to some technical issues. But, at the end of the day, it may be the very best In the Spread production, to date.

This and all the In the Spread productions will be available for streaming, on www.inthespread.com, in January of 2014. Stay tuned for the launch of this one of a kind sport fishing video site.

For details on how to purchase this DVD, contact In The Spread for details.

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IntheSpread.com Launch Nears and More

As the launch date for inthespread.com draws ever closer, our excitement grows. Full Throttle Media has some big things in store. Films, seminars, interviews, dvd's, streaming, on demand viewing and more. Today, we find ourselves in Cozumel, Mexico trying to get the In the Spread Tournament Series off the ground. We have had great meetings and proved the sword fishing here  is unparalleled. Sick action. We will release a short film detailing our adventure and the potential this place holds. Anyway, many big announcements coming down the pike. Stay tuned for the news on the site launch. It should be in a few short weeks.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/InTheSpread for current goings on.

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Full Throttle Media Prepares to Release Seven New "In the Spread" Videos

Full Throttle Media is waiting for seven new In the Spread videos to arrive from our printing house, featuring RJ Boyle. With these new additions to the library, we will have 9 videos on the market. Following closely on the heels of this release will be 5 more videos. My guess is that by the second have of September, In the Spread will have 14 full feature instructional videos on the market. These videos run anywhere from an hour to three hours. Powerful stuff, to say the least!

We are also busily trying to finalize development on the InTheSpread.com platform. The site should launch with over a 100 video assets and participation by RJ Boyle, Glenn Cameron, Mike Tarmey, Andy Moyes, James Roberts, Chip Sheehan and Bouncer Smith. Many more of the sport fishing industries best minds will be joining is going forward.

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Summer Flies By

Wow, where has summer gone? That seemed like a couple of weeks. But, when you are busy time flies and Full Throttle Media has been super busy. I and my team have been preparing a pile of video content for the launch of In the Spread. Boy, it just seems like we all put our heads down to focus on what we are doing and zoom, there goes the summer. Sorry for the lapse in updates.

For those that don't know, yet, In the Spread is a sport fishing instructional video platform featuring some of the best of the best talent in the world. The guys and gals involved share everything they know about given species, tackle, techniques, practices, etc. Good stuff! There are some great partners on board, so stay tuned for more info. The launch date should be by the end of August.

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The Future of Advertising

As we move further into the digital age, we read our news, listen to music, watch movies and consume entertainment on the go with our tablets, iPhones, Androids and soon our watches with greater frequency. Within this new paradigm, how many ads do we see and pay attention to when it's becoming voluntary? Well, probably not many unless the presentation is real crafty.

We spend more hours online than in front of the television or with a magazine in our hands. Volumes of information and entertainment is being consumed online. These consumption patterns are shifting ad dollars away from traditional forms of media to the internet and particularly mobile platforms. Even within this space, the landscape is changing. Predicated on this supposition, how do brands adapt their communication strategies to reach consumers.

Full Throttle Media finds film to be one of the most elaborate examples of how to blend entertainment and advertising, with the internet and other new media shaping up as the main distribution crossroad. Films and videos are something that can be watched anytime, anywhere and on any device. The one thing to keep in mind is that to reach audiences today, you have to engage and entertain them rather than approach them with a hard sell.

What I do for brands, that works very well for long term brand exposure, is to integrate their products into the projects I am producing. For instance, the sport fishing instructional series In the Spread requires the use of a variety of products. I approach those product companies and have them pay for exposure. There is no product whoring going on. What we feature is what the host, RJ Boyle, uses anyway. More times than not, the gear used is the best of the best. What the sponsoring company receives is long term exposure through the films, but also a recommendation of use by a legitimate industry leader. This is huge! In this way, the audience is fully engaged in watching something they are interested in all the while being exposed to the benefits of various relevant brands. I feel like we as end users will see more and more creative brand immersion.

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A Sense of Fun

Never take yourself too seriously. When you loose your ability to enjoy what you do and those you work with, well, then work becomes mundane. And, who wants that? One thing the Full Throttle Media team and I always strive to maintain is a sense of fun. We are always laughing, clowning and doing silly things to keep the atmosphere convivial.

One of our current projects, "In the Spread with RJ Boyle", is spilling over with one serendipitous moment of hilarity after another. We really love doing what we do. Despite the serious nature of what we are producing, we all feel a pressing need to inject ample amounts of silliness. This makes our hard work that much more rewarding.

I am so blessed to work such a group of clowns. Thanks guys for all the fun times. There are many more ahead.

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Being a Producer

I was having an interesting meeting yesterday with the agency that is building the website for my project In the Spread. As I was walking out, Max Forstater, the Technical Director for Merge Atlanta, says, "it is great that you actually have a media company that produces media". We laughed. From there, we started taking about how tough it is to actually produce content that gets delivered to market.

What does it mean to be a producer in the visual media industry? According to creativeskillset.org, "Producers are highly self-motivated individuals, who have the final responsibility for all aspects of a film's production. There are so many ways of being a Producer. Very often the Producer is the first person to become involved in a project, even before the writer, or they may be the agent-style Producer who focuses on the deal. Generally though, the Producer shepherds the film from inception to completion and beyond, starting long before the film-making process and continuing to talk about and sell the picture long after everyone else has gone on to other projects."

That definition only scratches the surface of what the job entails. There is so much that goes into creating a project, arranging financing, bringing in all the principles, filming and editing the material, obtaining distribution, marketing and promoting the project. And that is keeping it simple. Talk about a grind...

I have had several people ask me about becoming a producer of films or videos. This always causes me to pause. I think of all the folks I know that went to film school and still aren't producing anything. The world of media production is a hard business to break into, especially if you want to produce your own projects. You do not want to go at it the way I did. That is a tough road to hoe. But, if your dream is to produce films or videos, go for it.

I began producing content with Full Throttle Media just over a decade ago without any formal training. But, I did come with a solid business background, which is hugely important. The one glowing benefit I had was the luxury of taking several years to learn cameras, audio equipment and lighting. I am still learning. And then of course, there is a strong creative/artistic streak that runs in my family, which helps. I also had the benefit, over this period, of being taught the business and legal side of production by a super talented film producer, while living in Santa Monica.

In brief, to all who seek to pursue a career in production, never stop feeding your edge. Find a mentor and suck their brain dry. Study, read, experiment and be prepared to make a lot of mistakes. Nothing teaches you more than screwing up. Just try not to do it on someone else's dime.

At the end of the day, I love what I do and am always willing to help anyway I am able.

Thanks for following,
Seth Horne

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Full Throttle Media Rolls On With "In the Spread"

This past week, Full Throttle Media completed filming on five new videos for the In the Spread instructional video series featuring RJ Boyle. These five plus the two that are in post production right now will have the project releasing seven new videos by the end of April.

RJ Boyle was ecstatic following last weeks filming. "With nine intensely in-depth videos being on the market next month, the In the Spread production is really taking shape. We are coming up with exciting new ideas every time the Full Throttle Media guys come to town. This is off the chain what we are doing. There are at least another two dozen videos to film. And that's not all. We will be launching a sick video site in May."

There are many big announcements coming, so stay tuned.

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Full Throttle Media to Redesign Production Process for "In the Spread"

Full Throttle Media's innovative project In the Spread prepares to launch a new production framework and a very interesting new set for in studio segments. Following the dredge fishing video featuring Captain Glenn Cameron, RJ Boyle and Full Throttle Media made the decision to revamp the production process to streamline the process for all future videos.

The goal behind this new approach is to shorten the production schedule, so we can get more videos to market sooner. This will provide a very engaging environment for the viewer and serve to creatively integrate our sponsors. Photos of the new sets buildout will be released as the construction process begins. Stay tuned!

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Full Throttle Media Set For A Busy 2013

As 2013 commences, Full Throttle Media prepares for a busy schedule that has it filming projects all the way in to the fall. Starting next week, the production team will begin filming four videos for the In the Spread instructional series. With two DVD's on the market, two coming to market in the first quarter, the four to be shot next week will make eight videos for In the Spread. A further sixteen are slated for production later this year. There are also a couple of yet to be disclosed productions in planning. So, we have a lot on our minds. With fingers crossed, we roll on.

This will be a BIG year for Full Throttle Media. The team is excited and gunning for a big splash with our digital distribution platform, which should be online by the first of April. Stay tuned for more announcements and releases.

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