Fine Tuning Lures Spreads for Marlin Hookups

David Brackmann has for many years been traveling the world fishing for marlin. In the process, he has developed an extremely sharp set of skills. His knowledge and affability affords David an real knack for sharing those skills. This video clip is from our longer Marlin and Lures Spread https://inthespread.com/saltwater/marlin-fishing-lures-and-spread-fundamentals-with-david-brackmann--000035.

You will learn a lot watching David explain lure selection for various seas, where to position each lure in the wash, and how to manage the overall spread. Enjoy this short video of master marlin fisherman David Brackmann demonstrates how he manipulate lures in the spread, so they run in ways that maximize marlin hookups.

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Muskie Spinner Baits with Trailer Hooks by Cory Allen

in the spread muskie fishing cory allen 50 inch musky

in the spread fishing videos muskie fishing cory allen

in the spread fishing videos muskie cory allen joe murphy spinner bats

in the spread cory allen spinner baits joe murphy rs nets muskie fishing

in the spread cory allen joe murphy spinner baits muskie fishing

in the spread muskie fishing joe murphy spinner baits

The devil’s in the deets.

A couple muskies 44 and 50” respectively that have come into my boat during the past couple weeks that without trailer hooks and selectively chosen trailers for each would probably have never happened.

Ironically a bag of fish mixed between those marks and two beyond also avoided capture because of slight errors in how to choose and present proper trailers for each situation and presentation.

Big muskies, especially fish over the 48-50” mark, are notorious for “nipping” at nearly every presentation that exists during periods of relative inactivity, which as they become older and reach what musky anglers consider to be trophy sizes, becomes the bulk of their time.

Especially in systems where smaller fish saturate the same structure situations, or the number of ancillary predators present increases, the more subtle a touch it takes at times to circumvent fishing through smaller fish and target larger specimens specifically.

In one of our upcoming instructional videos, I spend considerable time discussing this and the use of specific spinnerbaits for these neutral/negative open water fish.

In fact, you get to see me even lose one of the larger fish I’ve hooked this season at the boat due to my own error in not implementing a proper trailer hook with a suitably chosen trailer that best complements the way the specific spinnerbait is being used (ex. Burning over weeds, slow rolled up a deep break dragging bottom, yo-yo’d, vertically jigged...) and the tendencies of each specific weight and blade combination as well.

Notice there wasn’t even a single mention of color.

But ironically, this is one of the few times I will pay attention to color, as far as blade color set to trailer with different water hues and tints, and I discuss that a length as well.

If you haven’t checked out the quickly expanding and diverse fresh and saltwater libraries of educational angling media In the Spread has to offer... ...it’s about to be a great time to do so. www.inthepread.com

Stay tuned for our new HQ site, both in standard and mobile format, coming VERY soon.

-Cory Allen

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Tackle for Topwater Largemouth Bass in Weeded Lakes

Florida largemouth bass topwater fishing expert Nick Kefalides breaks down the tackle you uses to navigate through the hydrilla and hyacinth in shallow water lakes of the state. This is a short clip from the full length In The Spread video found here www.inthespread.com

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Largemouth Bass Fishing in Central Florida

in the spread topwater largemouth bass fishing nick kefalides florida

The largemouth bass fishing in Central Florida is remarkable. There are so many lakes that support habits conducive to the growth of giant bass. This is truly big bass country. Knowing when and where to fish throughout the year can be a challenge. Most of the well known bass lakes are not super easy to fish, but if you spend enough time on the water or know someone who spends ample amounts of time on the water, then you are way ahead of the game.

Last week, we ventured to a remote lake south of Orlando with bass fishing pro Nick Kefalides to target largemouth bass on topwater.  As he says, "this is not for the faint of heart". Surface detonations can startled you, as big bass explode on lures. Nick is an ex-marine special operator, so he brings a unique discipline to his fishing. He is very focused, patient and ready for any eventuality. He passion is topwater fishing and it shows.

Nick and I put together a 2 hour program on how to target largemouth bass on topwater that shares incredible depth of information on how to break down a shallow water lake. We drill into lures and presentation, casting and retrieval methodology, boat positioning, how to stay weedless, identifying fish behavioral patterns and more. Nick provides a stream of consciousness about what is happening and how he is responding while catching healthy bass and healthy bass. You can check out this amazing video at http://www.inthespread.com

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New Muskie Fishing Videos in Editing

in the spread muskie fishing musky trolling cory allen videos

Cory Allen and Seth Horne had a very successful day and a half filming for In The Spread and covered at least 7-8 different topics from approaching open water to advanced trolling concepts and a variety of lure presentations from utilizing select spinnerbaits for suspended fish casting (where we lost a low 50” on film at the boat) to highlighting unique traits of some gliders made by Tim Woodyard and twitch baits maximized by his customization. On top of landing a few nice fish up to 48”, caught trolling a Blue Water twitch bait on film and the fish in the featured picture here, you get to see me hook the giant using Joe Murphy’s specially designed safety pin spinners made to target less active suspended muskies on the third cast using it as such and Seth had another we missed the hookset on fishing down 14-18 ft over 22-35 ft. I hope you guys will enjoy these videos and they help you gain some confidence in a few areas as well as further enhance your ability to problem solve on the water no matter the situation you face.

“Never give up. Trust your instincts.”-James McCloud

Watch In The Spread fishing videos www.inthespread.com

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Fishing Swimbaits for Largemouth Bass

The erudite Capt. Mike Gerry, of Lake Guntersville lore, shares super helpful fishing tips about fishing swimbaits off ledges. This is a short segment from his full length video found on our website. 

Watch it - Learn it - Catch it with www.inthespread.com

You may purchase any of our full length videos on DVD from the In The Spread store on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/216b1MV

In The Spread films and videos are produced by Seth Horne in association with Full Throttle Media.

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Largemouth Bass Fishing Video from In The Spread

largemouth bass fishing video in the spread mike gerry

Alabama's Lake Guntersville is a largemouth bass haven, so that is why In The Spread traveled there to fish with fishing Captain Mike Gerry. This legendary lake routinely yields massive bass. If you are new to this type of fishing or looking for tournament level knowledge, this bass fishing instructional video is your panacea. 

Capt. Gerry has been largemouth bass fishing Lake Guntersville for over two decades. He possesses a unique understanding of the species seasonal behaviors and an incredible variety of techniques for any given conditions. Watch and learn as Mike shares bass fishing tips and strategies on how to fish points, drops and ledges with swim baits and swim jigs.

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Lake Guntersville Largemouth Bass

in the spread fishing videos largemouth bass mike gerry lake guntersville

I had a really nice time on the water in search of large mouth bass with Mike Gerry in Guntersville, Alabama. We fished until 10:30 AM and landed a dozen solid bass in the 3 to 5 pound range. That is good fishing.

Alabama is a dynamic fishing state with lots of good fishing. Lake Guntersville is one of those places where you just know it's going to go off. And, if you are going to fish Lake Guntersville in Alabama, there is no one else to go with other than Capt. Mike Gerry. Nothing is held back. He has loads of knowledge to share. What a great opportunity to share a morning with him landing a dozen healthy fish. 3 to 5's all morning. Boom!

The cool instructional video we filmed for In The Spread will be out in a week. We talked about fishing structure like points, drops and ledges using swim baits and swim jigs. A few crank baits were pulled, but received little significant action. Personally, I cannot wait to go back.

Pay Mike Gerry a visit:

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