Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's From Full Throttle Media

As the Holiday Season is upon us, we at Full Throttle Media find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped to shape our business in a most significant way. We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you in the year to come. We wish you a very merry Christmas, happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with peace and prosperity.

All the best to you and yours. See you next year!

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How to Destroy Your Credibility Overnight

Instagram must have zero respect for their users or believe that their program is so special that they can give the whip to users and they will take it or both. To believe that they could make the changes they have made to their terms of service an nobody would care or notice is shocking. The new terms state that Instagram has the right to use people's photos in advertisements without the photographer's consent and without payment. Seriously, this is beyond foolish. And, taking things a step further, the new terms say they may use shots of minors under the auspice of a guardian or parent has agreed to the condition by letting the minor sign up for the account. Uh' ego just steamed rolled credibility!

Note to Instagram: Twitter and others are rolling out some very nice photo sharing software. You are not the only one's on the block with a catchy gadget.

Rule of thumb: Never forget the end users have the power. They can walk and walk quickly leaving you holding your crappy terms of service.

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In the Spread Featured in Sun-Sentinel Article

Steve Waters from the Sun-Sentinel says, "the In the Spread with RJ Boyle DVD offers keys to daytime swordfishing success. He goes on the write, Boyle freely shares his tactics with anglers at seminars and at RJ Boyle Studio, his Lighthouse Point tackle store and art gallery.

Between his store, his artwork, his seminars, his fishing and time with his family, Boyle has a hectic schedule. So he decided to record everything he knows about swordfishing in the DVD "Daytime Swordfishing."
"Having a tackle store and doing seminars, we're constantly bombarded with so many questions because daytime swordfishing is very technical," said Boyle, who has done daytiming seminars from Texas to New York. "It's very difficult to teach numerous customers at numerous times of the day about daytime swordfishing. Making the DVD was something we really had to do."
Boyle and producer Seth Horne of Full Throttle Media did a great job with "Daytime Swordfishing."
Read the full article HERE
Thanks Steve for the fine article and your honest review of what the Full Throttle Media team and RJ Boyle have produced, thus far.

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You Have No Copyright Protection When Using Facebook

You cannot opt out of Facebook's terms and conditions unless you delete your account. So, I find it funny that so many users continue to post messages to their wall stating that they are enforcing their rights under the copyright law to protect their content from Facebook's usage. Note to friends and others: By posting on Facebook, you give up all claim to the material you post. How many times have you seen your fellow Facebook users post something to this effect:

"In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings, professional photos and videos, etc. (as a result of the Berner Convention).
For commercial use of the above my written consent is needed at all times!
(Anyone reading this can copy this text and paste it on their Facebook Wall. This will place
them under protection of copyright lawsBy the present communiqué, I notify Facebook that it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, disseminate, or take any other action against me on the basis of this profile and/or its contents. The aforementioned prohibited actions also apply to employees, students, agents and/or any staff under Facebook's direction or control. The content of this profile is private and confidential information. The violation of my privacy is punished by law (UCC 1 1-308-308 1-103 and the Rome Statute).

Facebook is now an open capital entity. All members are recommended to publish a notice like this, or if you prefer, you may copy and paste this version. If you do not publish a statement at least once, you will be tacitly allowing the use of elements such as your photos as well as the information contained in your profile status updates..."

Why do you waist your time with this stuff? This statement does not confer any copyright protection for you. You remember the terms you agreed to when signing up for Facebook? Well, by agreeing to those terms and conditions, you gave away any hope of claiming ownership or copyright protection under the laws of the United States or pretty much any country. Just be mindful of what you post and figure that you are giving said material to Facebook. Good luck!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Full Throttle Media

Full Throttle Media would like to extend to all our partners, contractors, friends, clients and families a very happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday. Remember to take a moment and reflect on what it is that you are truly thankful for in these difficult times. If you are able, please try and reach out to someone in need and make a generous offering to help. Sometimes, it is the smallest offering that can make a persons day or year. Do a little more!

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To Be Creative

What does it take to be creative? It does not matter how much you study or how many books or articles you read. You do not become creative by watching others. You can, without a doubt, "copy" or draw inspiration from someone else. But, in order to be truly creative, you have to be able to distill your brilliant idea down to the point where you can bring life to it. That is the hard part.

Genuine creativity is an innate ability, I believe. Some have it and some do not. Even some of the folks in the creative industry are not all that imaginative. You know what I mean. How many ads, commercials or shows have you seen that just left you wondering how they ever got approval and more importantly funding? Take the time to get it right.

Good creative, I mean GOOD creative is out there. It may just require a little more effort to find and execute.

Being able to go from idea to execution is key. And, that is where most genius ideas fall short. The execution is, in many respects, the harder part to pull off. There are lots of creative folks out there. But, there are not nearly as many executors. Beyond that, a lot of the people that could execute given the opportunity are never given that opportunity. I know so many organizations that stubbornly stick with the same old same old for way too long. The sport fishing industry is a prime example. Please, stop the madness. We are tired of seeing the same thing repackaged year after year. Creative friction is good. Embrace it! Use a new team. Hold yourself and others to a higher standard.

With good friction comes an even better flow of creativity. Properly distill your thoughts. Really thinking through your concept will bring forth insights into what the end user or client wants and needs. Now you will have even better ideas about how to execute on your creative inspiration. The distillation process takes time. Sure, sometimes it can happen in a flash, but more times that not it takes a fair amount of time. Invest that time and everyone will be happier for it. The most important point is to find and work with really creative people that can deliver. 

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Convergence of a Different Kind, Keep It Going

I will keep this short. The online and print ad space is converging and not in such a pleasant way for my friends in print media. Online ad spend is up 14% in the first half of this year at a whopping $17 billion. At this pace, we could see internet advertising surpass that of print magazine and newspapers this year. You might think, who cares...But, I find this most welcoming.

People spend far more time consuming news and entertainment content online than anywhere else. If you want to reach your audience then you better get savvy about creative ways to engage them on the internet. And, social media only goes so far. Create or have someone create some interesting material for you on a regular basis and feed it to your audience. This is the only way forward.

At Full Throttle Media, that is what we are doing for the sport fishing industry with our "In the Spread with RJ Boyle" and "Sport Fishing Safari" projects. We recognize that print plays a roll, but for in-depth long term engagement the internet is and will be king.

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It's Wahoo Time in the Bahamas

Full Throttle Media and RJ Boyle push off for the Bahamas tomorrow, at first light, to film the first leg of the wahoo instructional video for "In the Spread with RJ Boyle". This will be the fourth video for the series with another five to follow before the year ends. If you would like to order videos or find out more about what we are doing, contact me (info @ fullthrottlemedia.com) or RJ at 954-420-5001.

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Giant Bluefin Tuna Action For "In the Spread"

Unreal! In the Spread traveled to Nova Scotia with RJ Boyle to film giant bluefin tuna, but we had no idea what was in store for us. Lead by big game legend in the making Andy Moyes, we by all measures finished the shoot the first day. That is how good Andy is and how off the chain the bluefin action is out of Ballantyne's Cove, Nova Scotia. Captain Francis Boyd and first mate Jamie Stewart ran the boat while Andy dialed up some epic big game fishing. If you have not experienced bluefin tuna fishing in Nova Scotia, do it and do it now. Andy Moyes is the man!

The forthcoming bluefin tuna instructional video from In the Spread with RJ Boyle featuring Andy Moyes further validates the quality of productions coming from Full Throttle Media. The bluefin tuna video will be available by the end of October. Buy In the Spread videos now. Click HERE

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In the Spread Videos with RJ Boyle Now Available Online

The daytime swordfishing and daytime swordfishing bait rigging instructional videos from In the Spread are now available for purchase online. The bluefin tuna video will be out by the end of October. Additional updates about the newest videos in the series will be provided as we move forward. Stay tuned! www.inthespread.com

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Full Throttle Media to Film Giant Bluefin Tuna in Nova Scotia

Giant bluefin tuna and the beautiful waters off Nova Scotia await. Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to strap yourself to a dump truck and get your arms stretched? Well, that is the plan for next week. The power of the giant bluefin will test the sporting will of any angler. This majestic behemoth forced innovation on the sport fishing industry starting in the early twentieth century. Heavy tackle, fighting chairs and nimble sport fishing boats were what was needed to recon with these massive fish and still are today. This is not for the weak of heart.

Full Throttle Media producer Seth Horne along with RJ Boyle venture to the north atlantic to shoot the third segment of In the Spread. Their objective is to film a comprehensive instructional video on how to prepare for, catch and release one of sport fishing's greatest game fish. Legendary big game captains James "Chuy" Roberts and Andy Moyes join RJ and Seth in the spread on this epic adventure. Highlights and footage to follow soon. Stay tuned!

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Full Throttle Media Advances With The "In the Spread" Instructional Series

As the cool fall weather creeps in pushing aside summer's humidity, I look back over the summer and realize my posts have been few. For good reason, I say. The Full Throttle Media team has been bearing  down in an all out effort to finish the first two videos for "In the Spread" featuring RJ Boyle. It may have taken us a tad longer that expected, but we wanted to get the project in the right order before dropping any content. Daytime Swordfishing and Daytime Swordfishing Baits are now out and on sale!

With the change in the seasons comes the next phase of "In the Spread" and it is a busy one. RJ and Full Throttle Media producer Seth Horne are staging to hit the waters off Nova Scotia to shoot the bluefin tuna instructional. Shortly thereafter, work will begin filming five additional instructional videos. By January, we will seven videos finished and on sale for the "In the Spread" series. Stay tuned because we have involved some brilliant fishermen in this next phase. The project is looking incredible with big announcements on the horizon.

In The Spread would not have been possible without the generous help of Roddy Hays. Roddy is really the guy who helped FTM get this project rolling. Our first few films were filmed with Roddy in his shop and on his boat. Thanks Capt. Hays.

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Happy 4th of July from Full Throttle Media

Full Throttle Media would like to extend everyone a very happy 4th of July. Thank you to those who have fought and are fighting to defend the liberties we, in the United States, enjoy everyday. Enjoy yourselves and be safe.

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In the Spread Trailer

This is the first trailer from the In the Spread instructional series. There are 17 videos in the  In the Spread series and we are well into production on several of them. We fully expect to shoot 6 destination films and all the instructional videos over the next 18 months. Stay tuned for the full length video and more trailers to be released in August.

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Full Throttle Media Goes w/ Duclos

Full Throttle Media is giving the Duclos 11-16mm a go, oooooh, it gives chills just thinking about it. This is heaven. A full frame lens with a PL mount, means future proofing our gear. The difference the 11-16mm lens offers is staggering. Talk about going wide without the distortion. Damn, this is exciting.

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How to Have A Great Meeting

This has to be the best meeting philosophy you could follow. Distill the process down to three simple tenets.
1. Throw out the least necessary person at the table.
2. Walk out of this meeting if it lasts more than 30 minutes.
3. Do something productive today to make up for the time you spent here.
This was taken from the book "Insanely Simple" by Ken Segall. Brilliant read, if you have not had a chance, check it out...

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It's Time For Cine Gear

Early summer is when Cine Gear Expo kicks off in Los Angeles. This mind blowing show brings together the best vendors of film cameras, related digital equipment and minds behind the art and science of both still and motion picture making. Check out some of the cool items being showcased at the expo, thanks to Studio Daily.

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Full Throttle Media Begins Production on In the Spread w/ RJ Boyle and Art Sapp

Here we go!  RJ Boyle is joined by Art Sapp for an inshore sport fishing instructional series that will be months in the making. These gurus of game fishing are going to drop bombs of insight and experience as they go "In the Spread" along south Florida's Atlantic coast. You name the species and they will be on it.

Also, the "In the Spread with RJ Boyle Daytime Swordishing" series will be released within the month. So, stay tuned as we dial it up on the world of sport fishing media. Check out the Sport Fishing Safari blog for more info.

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Full Throttle Media Welcomes Diamond Fishing Products As Sponsor for In the Spread

Full Throttle Media and Diamond Fishing Products today announced a new sponsorship agreement for "In the Spread". In the Spread is wholly owned by Full Throttle Media.

Sport Fishing Safari (SFS) is a range of brands whose roles and relationships support the vision we have for the future of sport fishing media. The Safari brand represents a journey through the world of sport fishing documenting legendary people and legendary places. Our goal is to use our skills as filmmakers and accomplished fishermen to share their often untold stories. The Safari Brand...consists of three primary segments:

BIG Game Legends: Interview Series
In the Spread: Instructional Series
Sport Fishing Safari: Film Series

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Full Throttle Media and Volker Bassen Plan to Produce Scuba Diving Adventure Films

Full Throttle Media in partnership with award winning cinematographer Volker Bassen are planning to produce a series of scuba diving adventure films. This project will be a continuation of Volker's critically acclaimed film "The World's Best Dive Destinations".  

Volker Bassen is originally from Sweden and has lived on the Kenya coast for 16 years. His areas of expertise include underwater film maker, pilot, diving instructor, cameraman, boat captain and fisherman. Being a highly qualified diver, Volker has opened numerous diving schools along the Kenyan coast to share his passion for the undersea world. As a diving consultant his specialties include marine videography, technical diving with re-breather equipment, underwater photography and underwater naturalist research. He is currently running a big-game fishing club as well as the only recreational parasailing operation in East Africa. He founded the East African Whale Shark Trust in 2001 due to the increasing amount of whale sharks, recognizing at an early stage that they needed better protection. Volker has spent countless hours diving with hundreds of whale sharks and has accumulated an extensive library of underwater video footage of the sharks as well as other marine life.

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Full Throttle Media Heads to Florida

Full Throttle Media is, again, on the move. We are headed to South Florida to look in on the "In the Spread" project with RJ Boyle. The weather is cooperating, so it is time to wet some lines. The goal is to put the Lindgren Pitman wishbone rod through its paces. Good luck boys!

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Kenya in the Rearview Mirror

Well, we made it back without a hitch. It has taken a couple of days to get back into the flow of things in the U.S. What an adventure, to say the least. The Full Throttle Media team was traveling for pretty near a month. The Sport Fishing Safari project is off to an interesting start. There is so much material to preview and sort, but that is what we love. I want to thank McGinnins Leathers for all his hard work, dedication and sacrifice. None of this would be happening without such a great director of photography.

Our trip started off at the Kulalu Camp on the Galana River, before heading to Hemingways, where we fished with Simba Big Game Fishing and Jasiri Sport Fishing. Tina, Mark and George Allen hosted us at the Lamu House in Watamu. Many thanks to George for arranging a very special time. The fondest of memories and acquaintances were made. I would like to extend a special thanks to Nelly Kadagi of the African Billfish Foundation for her time and interesting interview. The ABF is doing some valuable work researching and helping bring awareness to the billfishery off Kenya's coast.

From Watamu we traveled south to Diani where Volkan Kaynak poured on the hospitality. Volkan is generous beyond description. His new casino, Evanes Casino or Evanes Casino facebook, at the Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa is an exquisite VIP gamblers dream. Many thanks to Volkan for his impeccable character and generosity. The second half of our adventure would not have been possible without him. Wow, you are the man VK. I count him as a new friend and someone I could hang with anywhere in the world. Until next time, brother!

Our time in Diani also found us ripping up and down the coast with Volker Bassen of the East African Whale Shark Trust. He and I have outlined some interesting plans for further productions involving The World's Best Dive Destinations. Good things are on the horizon with Volker. Thanks for some damn good times.

Besides our time in Diani, Volkan also arranged our trip and stay at Tipilikwani Camp and Mara Ngenche Camp in the Masai Mara. These two camps are owned and operated by Atua Enkop. The Mara is a must see, at the expense of everything else in Kenya. This is Africa.

And last, I would like to say thanks to Jody Baker. This trip would not have happened had it not been for his encouragement and guidance. Good times, bro! Until our next adventure, see you in the south.

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Full Throttle Media Travels to Kenya

The Full Throttle Media team leaves for Africa today to begin filming "Sport Fishing Safari Kenya". This is a multi-week production that will cover a whole lot of territory. We wish everyone the best of luck and pray for mother nature to open her bosom reveal the glory and splendor of this delicious land. A fantastic carnival of sport fishing excitement awaits. Details and updates to follow as we receive them.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Full Throttle Media would like to extend a special thank you to the sponsors that are giving significant shape to the "Sport Fishing Safari" film series and the instructional series "In the Spread". We see all these companies as making a huge mark on the industry and contributing to the next generation of sport fishing content.

For Sport Fishing Safari Kenya, we would like to thank Jasiri Sportfishing in Watamu, Evanes Casino, the East African Whale SharkTrust and the Diani Reef Beach Resort in Diani for providing the project with tremendous contributions. Our team cannot wait to see you soon.

For In the Spread, we cannot thank Lindgren-Pitman enough for their generous support and guidance. We look forward to many great adventures together.

The production of these projects relies a great deal upon the generosity and commitment of private and public sector partners, so, thank you, to each of our partners. The journey is just beginning.

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Full Throttle Media Will Back Filmtoys

Filmtoys is the most genius camera support system I have seen to date. Kickstarter, a funding  platform for creative projects is rolling out a campaign to source enough funding to launch Film Toys. Hey, but in the process if you pledge a few hundred, you can get your hands on this incredible camera system. Take a look and get your now. Full Throttle Media will be using this system in the coming month with Sport Fishing Safari. Read more here

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Sport Fishing Safari Goes In the Spread

The crew over at Sport Fishing Safari have started filming "In the Spread", with Roddy Hays and RJ Boyle. This production is the first of its kind series of short films and videos featuring the insights, instruction, salient lessons and a little whit from world renowned big game fishermen, like Roddy, RJ and others. The first segment of this original series will be available soon. This project is part of the Sport Fishing Safari range of brands. 

For more information visit Sport Fishing Safari and read about the project.


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Happy New Year from Full Throttle Media

The new year is upon us and Full Throttle Media wishes you all the best in the coming year. Our team is looking forward to many new opportunities, adventures and challenges. If we were not constantly taking it to the edge, we would not have much meaning. Challenge yourself to do big things. Test your limitations and always give thanks to those that helped you get where you are and beyond.

Thanks to all of you that extended a hand in 2011. We look forward to taking, with love and kindness, the hands that come our way in 2012. Never stop pursuing your dreams.

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