Full Throttle Media Will Back Filmtoys

Filmtoys is the most genius camera support system I have seen to date. Kickstarter, a funding  platform for creative projects is rolling out a campaign to source enough funding to launch Film Toys. Hey, but in the process if you pledge a few hundred, you can get your hands on this incredible camera system. Take a look and get your now. Full Throttle Media will be using this system in the coming month with Sport Fishing Safari. Read more here

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Sport Fishing Safari Goes In the Spread

The crew over at Sport Fishing Safari have started filming "In the Spread", with Roddy Hays and RJ Boyle. This production is the first of its kind series of short films and videos featuring the insights, instruction, salient lessons and a little whit from world renowned big game fishermen, like Roddy, RJ and others. The first segment of this original series will be available soon. This project is part of the Sport Fishing Safari range of brands. 

For more information visit Sport Fishing Safari and read about the project.


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Happy New Year from Full Throttle Media

The new year is upon us and Full Throttle Media wishes you all the best in the coming year. Our team is looking forward to many new opportunities, adventures and challenges. If we were not constantly taking it to the edge, we would not have much meaning. Challenge yourself to do big things. Test your limitations and always give thanks to those that helped you get where you are and beyond.

Thanks to all of you that extended a hand in 2011. We look forward to taking, with love and kindness, the hands that come our way in 2012. Never stop pursuing your dreams.

 Share the experience, sell the dream...Full Throttle Media! FTM