2012 Cranks up for Full Throttle Media

The New Year is teed up to be a big year for Full Throttle Media. Right off the bat, we are set to shoot a three part instructional for the "In the Spread" project in S. Florida. There should be some clips ready to release by mid-January. We are still in post production on the phase one instructional segment we shot this past fall for the same project. We are just waiting to receive approved photography from the partner. Then, in March, the Full Throttle Media team leaves for Africa to shoot a film for "Sport Fishing Safari" in Kenya.

The first quarter is packed with a lot of work, travel and a few amazing adventures. But, this is what our team loves. 2012 is shaping up very nicely. Updates to follow as we get into the year.

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Merry Christmas

From all of us at Full Throttle Media, I would like to extend a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's to all our friends. Thank you for all your support and dedication. We look forward to seeing many of you in the new year. This year is finishing quite nicely for us and moving into next year there are some big things happening in the first quarter. All the best to you.

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When Planning...Remember

What is the difference between strategy and tactics? This may seem obvious, but lots of people tend to confuse the two. Strategy focuses on the entire forest and not an individual tree. Tactics focus on individual trees.

Strategy is concerned with "what you are doing," while tactics focus on "how you are doing it."

Keen observations from Nigam Arora. See the forest, see the trees!

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Pay For It

No matter how much you change, you still have to pay for what you've done! With that in mind, don't take shortcuts. Putting in the hard work and suffering through the sacrifices will pay dividends in the long run.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Full Throttle Media. Enjoy yourself, reflect on what you are thankful for and most importantly, be safe. We thank you for being there for us. Peace.

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11/11/11 Once in a Life Time

Full Throttle Media wants to extend a huge thank you to all our friends in the armed services on this once in a lifetime Veteran's Day. It is an honor to have close friends and acquaintances serving, or that served, in every branch of the military. Their sacrifices make our way of life possible. Thank you!

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Delivering Downloadable Video to Mobile Devices

Full Throttle Media is working on a cutting edge video delivery system for the sport fishing audience. But, the fragmented availability of distribution platforms, operating systems and browsers increases the complexity associated with publishing video. We are working hard to bring in all the resources necessary to execute on this endeavor. If you have any expertise in the area of delivering downloadable video to mobile devices, we have open ears and minds. There are a hell of a lot of gaps in what's available out there to companies that are not Apple, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

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BIG Game Legends Interviews

The BIG Game Legends Interview Series is being re-edited for use with the Sport Fishing Safari production. This is a long process of looking through hours of footage to grab the very best clips and sound bites. I have just, in the past couple of days, finished work on the Allen Merritt and Alfred Glassell interviews. Allen Merritt was a real pleasure to listen to, with his endless stories about the hey days of growing up in S. Florida. Today, I am on the James Roberts interview that was filmed in Madeira a few years ago.

With a lot of viewing, reviewing and scribbling notes ahead, I decided to pop some corn and grab a few cans of coke (regular coke botted in Central America with real sugar, not the fake crap) and settle in for a long stretch. I hope to have the first of this series out by the first of the year. More updates will be forth coming.

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Our Oceans

Through my work as a film maker and interviewer, I am exposed to some damn intelligent folks who have spent much of their lives on the water and have a far better understanding of what is going on with the oceans than I. It is my believe that we should all advocate for better fisheries management and oceans protection. For full disclosure, I am an avid sport fisherman and do not believe in the indiscriminate closure of fisheries. I just think we as users of this planets resources could come up with a better, less agenda driven, management plan for our oceans that is based on sound analysis.

I am by no means a wild eyed environmental nut case who promulgates radical anti-business or development agendas. I am a capitalist, but I am, however, struck by what is going on in our oceans.

Anyway, I have watched two short, very entertaining, animated films about the ocean and whales lately that really touched me. So, I thought it necessary to share them with you for your viewing pleasure. The first is from One World One Ocean and the second is from Drew Christie. Please take a few minutes to watch these fantastic productions. And, if you have another minute, check out the amazing work of MacGillivray Freeman

Song Of the Spindle from Drew Christie on Vimeo.

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Big Game Legends from Full Throttle Media

Full Throttle Media will soon release a collection of conversations with several of big game fishing's most respected and reverred captains, anglers and crew. We started this project several years ago, but only now felt the timing was right to roll the project out. Several of the most well known participants in this project have passed away since filming. And, to the flame never died in any of them. Those that are still with us carry the mantle. I wish to thank each and every one who helped in this endeavor.
BIG Game Legends is a collection of the most incredible interviews ever shot with some of big game fishings greatest explorers and their first hand tales of heading into the blue. These sportsmen experienced the most superb big game fishing the world will ever see. It is through their spirit of adventure that an industry was born. 
Through these interviews we trace the history of heavy tackle big game fishing from its early days in Bimini and Wedgeport, to one of singular defining moments for the sport in Cabo Blanco, to the development of the big game fishing culture in the deep waters off of Kona, Cairns, Madeira and beyond. These far flung destinations were brought to fame by a group of extraordinary adventurers that forged the roots of what would become one of the worlds most challenging sports endeavors. Men who, compelled to do what was considered impossible, began plying the waters for bigger and bigger fish, testing the limitations of endurance and equipment to catch that one fish. BIG Game Legends is the story of these big game anglers, of where and how their journey began, of pioneers who chased their dreams across the oceans and of anglers who still do, hoping for that freight train to enter the spread.
You will meet Alfred Glassell, one of the sport’s greatest pioneer, whose tireless love and contribution to the fishing will forever be the mark by which all big game anglers are measured. George Parker, in his final days, shares his love and enthusiasm for fishing and how the sport shaped his family. Then there is Allen Merritt, one of the greatest fishermen Cat Keys tuna alley will ever know and an inspiration behind the development of todays most revered fishing yachts. Record setting duo Stewart Campbell and Bark Garnsey share their amazing experiences. Roddy Hays, doing what no fisherman ever will again, reveals how a deep passion for the sport carried him to heights unreachable. You will also hear from Peter Bristow, Peter Fithian, Mike Benitez, Marlin Parker, Clay Hensley, James Roberts and many more to come who have left their mark on a culture and an industry. 
In telling their stories we are welcomed into the inner circle of heavy tackle big game fishing. These pioneering adventurers are the heart of Big Game Legends and the roots of an entire industry. It is their spirit and sacrifice that formed a culture and created a lifestyle. Big Game Legends is a testament to the desire that all anglers have, in one form or another, for that one fish.

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In the Spirit of Doing Something You Love

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better as the years tol on." Steve Jobs

This is so profoundly true! I found something I love to do about a decade ago and am so happy for it. I stumbled upon the Full Throttle Media idea, but with so many great experiences the hand of serendipity is usually at play. Thank you Steve Jobs for reminding me how lucky I am.

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Big Game Fishing Primer

Filming of the first phase of the BIG Game Fishing Primer begins this week. The Full Throttle Media team is heading to South Florida to prepare for the production. The BIG Game Fishing Primer is part of the larger Sport Fishing Safari media project. Specific details on the Primer will be released post filming.


Optimize Your Site With Killer Content

While I agree delivering on the mechanics of SEO is important for any online venture in today's hyper competitive market, success only begins there. The differentiator is still and will always be killer content. You have to have the goods the audience wants. Now that is very simple sounding, but it is true. Content is king!

To really carve out a niche and work it, you must know your audience and what really interests them. What is it that they want to know more about and how do they want to receive that information? If you can deliver on that and engage your audience, well, you will come out way ahead. And don't think for a second you can do this in passing. This requires long term dedication and focus. The playing field is ever changing. There is no short selling of creativity.

At Full Throttle Media, we believe films and videos focused on the subject matter that really turns the ignition of your end consumer is the key. People want to learn stuff and learn it from people they rever or watch truly accomplished practitioners of their interest perform. If you are intimately involved as a member of your own audience, you really understand the psyche therein. Ergo, you have your finger on the pulse of your customer base and thus, are in a good position to deliver something remarkable.

When it comes to search results, the better content trail you have left behind, the more likely you are to be found and shared. If you want to rank high in search, go with video. Killer content in the form of visual media will do more for you site than anything else money can buy.

And, if you really want to do something bold and creative, jump on the Full Throttle Media train.

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Digital Filmmaking with DSLR's

DSLR's have made a big splash in the production world in the past year. By including high definition video capabilities in SLR cameras, the photography industry has made a quantum leap forward and expanded the playing field for the motion picture production minded. A new book, "Photocine: Digital Filmmaking with DSLRs", highlights this incredible, yet simple, break through. This is the perfect guide to help photographers retool and confidently move forward into the new arena of DSLR filmmaking. Check it out on Amazon LINK

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The Scene as Seen by the Eye

David Hockney is really on to something revolutionary for the film industry with the use of nine cameras to film a scene. This is a super interesting approach to film making.

"A lot of people have told me," Hockney remarks, "that before they see these films they can't imagine what nine cameras could do that one can't. When they see them, they understand. It's showing a lot more; there's simply a lot more to see. It seems you can see almost more on these screens than if you were really there. Everything is in focus, so you're looking at something very complicated but with incredible clarity." 

Hockney's approach is that cameras give us the scene through one lens, whereas we see things through two eyes. And as opposed to looking in on a scene, we are in the scene when looking through our eyes. This is genius, as far as I am concerned.

There are some projects I would love to use the setup on. The time to arrange all the camers angles and exposures msut be time consuming. We will just have to see how long it takes the market to adapt this technique.

Take a moment to read the Technology Review article about David Hockney's brilliant take on capturing a scene. LINK

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Launching North Star Ideas

Salient wisdom from Steve Case about transformative ideas in his Forbes interview. We at Full Throttle Media are hatching several grander projects and know full well how hard they are to get off the ground. In the mean time, you need lots of support and contributions from smaller gigs to get you through launch. Here is an excerpt from the article.

As a venture capitalist, what do you tell entrepreneurs? That big, transformative ideas typically take a decade to become successful. Understanding that is important. Obviously you have to execute. You have to get on base, get early traction. Then you ask, what will it take to accelerate progress? What are the barriers that need to be removed? You need the big idea--a North Star--but then you need pragmatism, perseverance, patience. You can't skip any of those. Disappointment is sure to come.


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Are you alive? Full Throttle Media is...

Are you living? Is there a dance in your life? Are you moving, growing, risking, taking the challenges of dangerous paths? In the acceptance of the danger, in the acceptance that anything can happen any moment, life comes to its best, to its fullest. So, Go Full Throttle!

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High Speed Media

Panasonic is bringing the juice with their new line of high speed pro SDHC memory cards. These full class 10 cards have notable features that professional producers will really like and that is speed and more file control. With 90 MBs transfer rates, these memory cards are considerably faster than the previous generation. We are talking in the neighborhood of 6 minute offload speeds for a 32 gig card. That is nice!

Beyond the speed and control, the issue of USB 3.0 vs. Apples Thunderbolt technology arises. You've got to have a computer with a USB 3.0 controller and use either Panasonic's UHS-1 USB adapter (model number BN-SDCMAB) or an SD card slot on the computer that supports UHS-1 SDHC media. But this is minor in the grand scheme of things and will quickly fade into the archives. For Mac users, not to worry, both CalDigit and LaCie last year released USB 3.0 PCI Express host adapters featuring Mac OS X drivers, thus unlocking MacBook Pros with ExpressCard slots to newer, and future, USB 3.0-based media.

Special thanks to Beth Marchant from Studio Monthly for this great info.

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Analyzing Media Consumption

In a world where we have a multitude of outlets for receiving and consumingm media that suits our interests, it is interesting to analyze engagement patterns. Given last weeks news firestorm surrounding the assault on Osama bin Ladens Pakistani compound, comScore, a favorite of mine, did some rather thorough research into how the news audience experienced this story. Looking at what sources the audience used to consume the emerging story proved quite useful for me. Others in the content desimination business may find this article rather interesting, also.

The growth in technology as a means of media consumption versus print and TV shows how viable and incresingly important it is to develop and distribute your media so that it meets the demands of more mobile deveices. The internet is everywhere now. You cannot carry a TV with you and magazines can get heavy, especially if you read several different publications. While my laptop is still the gold standard for how I consume media, my handset goes everywhere with me and is an ever increasing source of content consumption. Take a minute and read the article by comScore. Most of you are probably already are familiar with this trend, but the research should still be useful.

comScore article

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Apple to build YouTube Killer

News just released suggests Apple is at work on a YouTube killer, a platform to go head to head with Google and knock off the video sharing service they own. The article quotes Steve Rosenbaum, the CEO of Magnify.net and the author of Curation Nation, as saying Apple is hard at work on an intriquing new service. He goes on to say that the new Final Cut Pro X at $299, Apple's creation and distribution infrastructure, their online market place and their new data center all make for big steps in the direction of a web based video network.

What? When I read this my first thought was, puleeze (please)! YouTube, being the prime mover in the video sharing space and having huge momentum puts even the best would be competitor well behind the eight ball. No chance of this happening. This just does not fit with Apple's general business model. But, hey, stranger things have happened and you can never under estimate Steve Jobs.


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Branded Content in the Age of the DVR

The DVR hit the market and was intended to enable viewers to skip commercials. This is really a function of fast forwarding through content that is of no interest, including commercials. From a TV networks perspective, this potentially undermines television’s longtime ad supported business model. This debate has been raging since the DVR first came on the market. Early on, it was seen as the death nail of broadcast advertising. But, with the recent release of Nielsen's report on DVR usage, things seem to have swung in the direction of the advertiser. This is what the report indicates:

Nielsen Report: link
Once a novelty, the digital video recorder is now in 38 percent of U.S. homes, and its increasing popularity represents both a blessing and a challenge for the TV and advertising industries. On the one hand, DVRs enable TV networks to hold on to viewers who use timeshifting to watch their favorite shows when it is convenient for them and who might otherwise seek alternate ways to watch programming – or not watch at all. On the other hand, DVRs allow viewers to skip content that doesn’t interest them, including commercials, potentially undermining TV’s longtime ad-supported business model. In its latest report on DVR usage, The Nielsen Company highlighted a number of key findings, including:
  • Viewers do watch commercials on their DVRs. Among DVR homes, playback lifts commercial ratings by 44% among 18-49s after three days. Among all 18-49 year-old viewers DVR playback adds 16% to commercial ratings after three days
  • More than 38% of DVR users are over age 45.
  • When DVR playback is included, DVR households watch more primetime programming than non-DVR households.
  • Overall, 49% of time-shifted primetime broadcast programming is played back the same day it was recorded, and 88% is played back within 3 days.
  • DVR playback peaks at 9pm and 10pm.
Now does Nielsen have a bios, because in seeking to demonstrate that DVRs weren’t assaulting the ad supported television business model they posed a rather ridiculous question. That question seemingly was “Does anyone watch any TV commercials during DVR playback?” Are you kidding me? How asinine! Of course people do. It's just a matter of how much they watch or pay attention to the message. This brings up a perfect case. I was just over at a friends house and did not know he had a DVR until suddenly the commercials were flying by. Interesting I thought, since I was thinking about writing this article. Now, he is very tech savvy and upon questioning him I discovered some interesting data. He did on occasion let the commercials play, but while multitasking. When he got up to get something from the kitchen or jump on Facebook or do some other online activity the commercials rolled. But, when you finished, he immediately starting buzzing right past the commercials.

The longer people have DVRs, the more adept they become at using features such as fast-forwarding through commercials. And as they become adept, they use those feature more often. And as more and more users acquire DVRs, ad skipping will become a far larger issue for networks. This will be an ever increasing problem for broadcasters and not the diminishing one represented in the Nielsen Report.

The more I read about the DVR and the problems it presents for advertisers, the more I smile. Why, you might ask? This goes along with what I have been saying for years. In order to avoid being dropped into a commercial slot during a program and maybe skipped over, why not integrate your message directly into the program. Make it contextual and present it in a more receptive fashion. I know, you are probably saying it is very expensive and difficult coordinating with TV production companies. Alas, there exist the niche and very targeted sports film industry. You can brand this type of content any way you choose and still keep the audience engaged.

Full Throttle Media has long been advocating for and developing more creative concepts to reach audiences in the convergent world we are living in. TV, print and online are colliding and forever changing the way companies can and should deliver their messages. You have to engage and entertain, rather than approach with a hard sell. The sophistication of advertising methods and techniques has advanced, enticing and shaping and even creating consumerism and needs where there has been none before. Film is one of the most elaborate examples yet of the intersection of the entertainment and advertising industries, with the Internet and other new media shaping up as the main distribution crossroad. I see a more elaborate technique, such as a short films where the aim is to sell a product but to cleverly do the advertising in a subtle way. These films can be very entertaining and exciting, but also promote a product behind the main theme.

One of the biggest benefits of embracing film is the longevity the format offers. They do not show once or twice and then disappear. Films are watched over and over and the is no chance your brand message will be DVR'd out. Think about it.

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Shear Madness

This is shear madness, but 'oh so sweet. The very beginning is a little weak, but the majority is very cool. The shoot is pretty well put together. Enjoy...

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New Project

The new year has brought with it new opportunities. We are just starting pre-production on what could prove to be a very interesting and rewarding project related to the fitness world. There will be no official release of names or exactly what is entailed until we have concluded the first round of filming. We have to do this in order to prevent some fitness competitors from jumping in. We hope to have an press release ready by the end of February. Full ahead as we go.

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