The Hole Gets Bigger

The global appetite for fish is a major cause for the hole forming in the ocean. This giant hole sucks millions of tons of sea life out of our oceans year after year and it only gets bigger. The sad part is that so many countries and citizens of this world just do not care or are completely unaware of the problem and it's ramifications. Either way, this is a dereliction of our role as citizens of this planet.  We are edging ever closer to total population collapse for dozens of species. Really, we are past the tipping point with this shit.

I am a fisherman, but I am a conservationists first. From an early age, I was taught to respect the land and the animals that inhabit it. Of course, at that early age, my point of reference was the ponds and rivers that were juxtaposed next to our property. Even then, I was aware from my grand fathers stories that the rivers just did not have the same numbers and sizes of fish that they did when he was young. In the early 70's, it was pollution that was choking the life out of the river and killing off the food chain that so many species depended on.

Now, today, not only do our rivers and oceans have to struggle against pollution to sustain so many fish and animals, but, there is the never ending demand for more and more "protein" from these waters. Tuna, sharks, marlin, swordfish, sea turtles, dolphin, whales, and on and on are all fished to near total population collapse. We are fishing them while their population numbers are below sustainable yield. This means that the species cannot produce fast enough to keep up with losses due to harvesting. How far will YOU allow this to go?

We all have a responsibility to the earth. Wake up people before it is too late! Because while you sleep, those that have been charged with monitoring and protecting these species continue to fail us. They need more time to do studies and assess population numbers before they can set proper quotas. This is a joke and all those involved with setting catch quotas for international fishing operations should be ashamed of themselves.

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Seth Horne