You know, it is funny how some of the people I work with are quick to seize on an idea and then begin to sell me on it, without even realizing they are a little late to that idea party. I usually have a pretty broad strategy before I tap any of my resources. That strategy typically involves multiple steps to achieve something far larger than what may at first not be so apparent. In many of the projects I work on, there are several deliverables being worked on simultaneously and not all the contractors being employed are privy to the long term strategic plan. Varying amounts of time pass before each begins to fully visualize the big picture and understand how all the components when combined offer up a far more lucrative project or series of future projects. So, my point is, it is always amusing to me when they have that "ding" moment where they see the much bigger picture with all the potentialities and quickly begin creating scenarios where they can form partnerships to pursue this serendipitous "gold mine" and how I might fit into "their plan". I get a good chuckle out of this. Hey, it has happened to all of us at some time I'm sure.

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Seth Horne