Tying Trout Streamers In The Spread with Chad Bryson

trout fishing fly tying in the spread chad bryson

In The Spread and Capt. Chad Bryson bring you a super in-depth video that will walk you through every step of tying the Chattahoochee Double Deceiver. This is a big fish catching fly, if there ever was one. 

"This fly has put more trophy brown trout in the net for my clients than any other fly. Its a versatile yet, durable fly that can be tied in many different sizes and color combinations for any apex predator fish." - Capt. Chad Bryson

Experience http://chadbrysonfishing.com

Stream Now: http://inthespread.com/chad-bryson.html#doubledeceiver

Buy the DVD on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/zpol79r

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