Reef Fishing with William Toney In The Spread

shallow water reef fishing with Capt, William Toney in the spread dvd cover

Full Throttle Media drops another sport fishing instructional video for In The Spread. Watch as In The Spread brings you Capt. William Toney sharing his knowledge on fishing rock piles, natural reefs, wrecks, ledges and spring holes for whatever fish are on them. At different times of the year, Gag grouper, grunts, Spanish mackerel, snapper, seabass, flounder, trout and more get on these reefs. Reef fishing is a great way to bend the pole, teach a young person how to fish or just put fish in the box.

Capt. Toney will talk about tackle, techniques, how to catch these fish, where to find them and what to look for when you are out there in your boat. Learn from one of the best www.homosassainshorefishing.com

Watch the video here:http://inthespread.com/fishing-techniques.html#shallowwaterreef

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