Never Stop Producing

You might think with 16 feature length videos having been produced and brought to market in the past 2 years, plus a dozen or so shorter videos, the Full Throttle Media crew would be ready for a rest. Preposterous, I say. There is no stopping. If you do not constantly push yourself to create and go to market, you begin to loss your edge.

I love what I do and enjoy the challenge of creating new content. My editor and I sit around on a regular basis and discuss equipment, emerging technology, techniques and projects. If we could only do more. I could never have managed to produce all the content I have without him. To say I am grateful does not even come close to how I feel. What a pro he is.

The whole process of  sharing my passion with audiences is fun. It really pleases me to hear the folks, our audience, I create films and videos for tell me how much they enjoy what Full Throttle Media makes. We have a lot more projects in the works and even more on the drawing board. Stay tuned!

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