What is IN THE SPREAD???

In the Spread (ITS) is a sport fishing specific digital platform focused on delivering high-level instructional and educational video content produced by Full Throttle Media. In The Spread produces and distributes full-length High Definition sport fishing education DVD’s and other HD sport fishing related media including digital short films, long format teaching series, event and seminar streaming, medium and short run video education clips, product reviews, and other cutting edge digital media created most specifically for online and mobile applications.

Based on their years on the water, getting to know fish, developing techniques and products, conducting seminars, owning and running tackle shops, the In The Spread team understands what anglers, the world over, are most interested in knowing. Viewers have a unique opportunity to learn everything our select group of sport fishing authorities know. These are elite fishermen who have honed their skills plying the waters in pursuit of the world’s most sought after game fish. You will sit in on conversations between seasoned captains and anglers as they share real-life examples of what works with various species. From live bait and lure choice, to rigging, angling and boating techniques, you will get the opportunity to learn skills that have proven successful at the highest levels of sport fishing. The techniques presented here will instill confidence and elevate your fishing to a new level.

With the introduction of In the Spread, the inaccessibility of high-level video instruction for the recreational and seasoned angler has ended. What this means is that both newcomers and seasoned anglers will benefit from the vast knowledge and methodical approach presented by our instructors.

In the Spread is an unforgettable learning experience. It is the most complete and in-depth instructional oriented production currently available in the sport fishing industry. Within this comprehensive learning system lies technical information and practical methodologies related to a multitude of species, baits, tackle, tactics and techniques, rigging methods and seamanship critical to any successful game fish undertaking. The underlying message goes to the heart of what fishing is all about, which is sharing those bits of knowledge that will enhance your next angling experience. Greatness cannot be achieved with half measures, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn valuable tips and techniques from the best of the best In the Spread.

For more information or to watch videos, visit: InTheSpread.com

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