Full Throttle Media Delivers Rigging Daytime Swordfish Baits to "In the Spread" for Streaming

Full Throttle Media has made available, through inthespread.com, the Rigging Baits for Daytime Swordfish video. You can buy the DVD or stream the video right from the site with a subscription.

If you fish for swordfish or are interested in daytime swordfishing, the one thing that you have to know is how to rig baits for daytime swordfish. Even if you are not going to rig the baits yourself, you should know what a good swordfish bait looks like. Because, the last thing between you and that swordfish is your bait, so it better be right. You may only get one chance.

Who better to learn about daytime swordfish baits than the angler who has put more daytime swords in his boat, using rod and reel, than anyone else in the world, RJ Boyle. With this nearly 3 hour video, RJ reveals 7 of the most productive swordfish baits and how to expertly rig each of them. Learn how to rig the ladyfish, dolphin belly, silver mullet, tinker mackerel, Panama bait, double hooked squid and the bonito belly.

Watch the bait rigging for daytime swordfish video NOW: http://inthespread.com/swordfish.html#swordfishbaits

Buy the bait rigging for daytime swordfish DVD: BUY HERE

Remember, if you are even thinking about going daytime swordfishing, you should know a thing or two about how to rig baits for swordfish.

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