The Future of Advertising

As we move further into the digital age, we read our news, listen to music, watch movies and consume entertainment on the go with our tablets, iPhones, Androids and soon our watches with greater frequency. Within this new paradigm, how many ads do we see and pay attention to when it's becoming voluntary? Well, probably not many unless the presentation is real crafty.

We spend more hours online than in front of the television or with a magazine in our hands. Volumes of information and entertainment is being consumed online. These consumption patterns are shifting ad dollars away from traditional forms of media to the internet and particularly mobile platforms. Even within this space, the landscape is changing. Predicated on this supposition, how do brands adapt their communication strategies to reach consumers.

Full Throttle Media finds film to be one of the most elaborate examples of how to blend entertainment and advertising, with the internet and other new media shaping up as the main distribution crossroad. Films and videos are something that can be watched anytime, anywhere and on any device. The one thing to keep in mind is that to reach audiences today, you have to engage and entertain them rather than approach them with a hard sell.

What I do for brands, that works very well for long term brand exposure, is to integrate their products into the projects I am producing. For instance, the sport fishing instructional series In the Spread requires the use of a variety of products. I approach those product companies and have them pay for exposure. There is no product whoring going on. What we feature is what the host, RJ Boyle, uses anyway. More times than not, the gear used is the best of the best. What the sponsoring company receives is long term exposure through the films, but also a recommendation of use by a legitimate industry leader. This is huge! In this way, the audience is fully engaged in watching something they are interested in all the while being exposed to the benefits of various relevant brands. I feel like we as end users will see more and more creative brand immersion.

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