How to Destroy Your Credibility Overnight

Instagram must have zero respect for their users or believe that their program is so special that they can give the whip to users and they will take it or both. To believe that they could make the changes they have made to their terms of service an nobody would care or notice is shocking. The new terms state that Instagram has the right to use people's photos in advertisements without the photographer's consent and without payment. Seriously, this is beyond foolish. And, taking things a step further, the new terms say they may use shots of minors under the auspice of a guardian or parent has agreed to the condition by letting the minor sign up for the account. Uh' ego just steamed rolled credibility!

Note to Instagram: Twitter and others are rolling out some very nice photo sharing software. You are not the only one's on the block with a catchy gadget.

Rule of thumb: Never forget the end users have the power. They can walk and walk quickly leaving you holding your crappy terms of service.

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