Convergence of a Different Kind, Keep It Going

I will keep this short. The online and print ad space is converging and not in such a pleasant way for my friends in print media. Online ad spend is up 14% in the first half of this year at a whopping $17 billion. At this pace, we could see internet advertising surpass that of print magazine and newspapers this year. You might think, who cares...But, I find this most welcoming.

People spend far more time consuming news and entertainment content online than anywhere else. If you want to reach your audience then you better get savvy about creative ways to engage them on the internet. And, social media only goes so far. Create or have someone create some interesting material for you on a regular basis and feed it to your audience. This is the only way forward.

At Full Throttle Media, that is what we are doing for the sport fishing industry with our "In the Spread with RJ Boyle" and "Sport Fishing Safari" projects. We recognize that print plays a roll, but for in-depth long term engagement the internet is and will be king.

Share the experience, sell the dream...Full Throttle Media! FTM

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