Full Throttle Media Advances With The "In the Spread" Instructional Series

As the cool fall weather creeps in pushing aside summer's humidity, I look back over the summer and realize my posts have been few. For good reason, I say. The Full Throttle Media team has been bearing  down in an all out effort to finish the first two videos for "In the Spread" featuring RJ Boyle. It may have taken us a tad longer that expected, but we wanted to get the project in the right order before dropping any content. Daytime Swordfishing and Daytime Swordfishing Baits are now out and on sale!

With the change in the seasons comes the next phase of "In the Spread" and it is a busy one. RJ and Full Throttle Media producer Seth Horne are staging to hit the waters off Nova Scotia to shoot the bluefin tuna instructional. Shortly thereafter, work will begin filming five additional instructional videos. By January, we will seven videos finished and on sale for the "In the Spread" series. Stay tuned because we have involved some brilliant fishermen in this next phase. The project is looking incredible with big announcements on the horizon.

In The Spread would not have been possible without the generous help of Roddy Hays. Roddy is really the guy who helped FTM get this project rolling. Our first few films were filmed with Roddy in his shop and on his boat. Thanks Capt. Hays.

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