Full Throttle Media and Volker Bassen Plan to Produce Scuba Diving Adventure Films

Full Throttle Media in partnership with award winning cinematographer Volker Bassen are planning to produce a series of scuba diving adventure films. This project will be a continuation of Volker's critically acclaimed film "The World's Best Dive Destinations".  

Volker Bassen is originally from Sweden and has lived on the Kenya coast for 16 years. His areas of expertise include underwater film maker, pilot, diving instructor, cameraman, boat captain and fisherman. Being a highly qualified diver, Volker has opened numerous diving schools along the Kenyan coast to share his passion for the undersea world. As a diving consultant his specialties include marine videography, technical diving with re-breather equipment, underwater photography and underwater naturalist research. He is currently running a big-game fishing club as well as the only recreational parasailing operation in East Africa. He founded the East African Whale Shark Trust in 2001 due to the increasing amount of whale sharks, recognizing at an early stage that they needed better protection. Volker has spent countless hours diving with hundreds of whale sharks and has accumulated an extensive library of underwater video footage of the sharks as well as other marine life.

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