Our Oceans

Through my work as a film maker and interviewer, I am exposed to some damn intelligent folks who have spent much of their lives on the water and have a far better understanding of what is going on with the oceans than I. It is my believe that we should all advocate for better fisheries management and oceans protection. For full disclosure, I am an avid sport fisherman and do not believe in the indiscriminate closure of fisheries. I just think we as users of this planets resources could come up with a better, less agenda driven, management plan for our oceans that is based on sound analysis.

I am by no means a wild eyed environmental nut case who promulgates radical anti-business or development agendas. I am a capitalist, but I am, however, struck by what is going on in our oceans.

Anyway, I have watched two short, very entertaining, animated films about the ocean and whales lately that really touched me. So, I thought it necessary to share them with you for your viewing pleasure. The first is from One World One Ocean and the second is from Drew Christie. Please take a few minutes to watch these fantastic productions. And, if you have another minute, check out the amazing work of MacGillivray Freeman

Song Of the Spindle from Drew Christie on Vimeo.

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