BIG Game Legends Interviews

The BIG Game Legends Interview Series is being re-edited for use with the Sport Fishing Safari production. This is a long process of looking through hours of footage to grab the very best clips and sound bites. I have just, in the past couple of days, finished work on the Allen Merritt and Alfred Glassell interviews. Allen Merritt was a real pleasure to listen to, with his endless stories about the hey days of growing up in S. Florida. Today, I am on the James Roberts interview that was filmed in Madeira a few years ago.

With a lot of viewing, reviewing and scribbling notes ahead, I decided to pop some corn and grab a few cans of coke (regular coke botted in Central America with real sugar, not the fake crap) and settle in for a long stretch. I hope to have the first of this series out by the first of the year. More updates will be forth coming.

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