High Speed Media

Panasonic is bringing the juice with their new line of high speed pro SDHC memory cards. These full class 10 cards have notable features that professional producers will really like and that is speed and more file control. With 90 MBs transfer rates, these memory cards are considerably faster than the previous generation. We are talking in the neighborhood of 6 minute offload speeds for a 32 gig card. That is nice!

Beyond the speed and control, the issue of USB 3.0 vs. Apples Thunderbolt technology arises. You've got to have a computer with a USB 3.0 controller and use either Panasonic's UHS-1 USB adapter (model number BN-SDCMAB) or an SD card slot on the computer that supports UHS-1 SDHC media. But this is minor in the grand scheme of things and will quickly fade into the archives. For Mac users, not to worry, both CalDigit and LaCie last year released USB 3.0 PCI Express host adapters featuring Mac OS X drivers, thus unlocking MacBook Pros with ExpressCard slots to newer, and future, USB 3.0-based media.

Special thanks to Beth Marchant from Studio Monthly for this great info.

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