Apple to build YouTube Killer

News just released suggests Apple is at work on a YouTube killer, a platform to go head to head with Google and knock off the video sharing service they own. The article quotes Steve Rosenbaum, the CEO of Magnify.net and the author of Curation Nation, as saying Apple is hard at work on an intriquing new service. He goes on to say that the new Final Cut Pro X at $299, Apple's creation and distribution infrastructure, their online market place and their new data center all make for big steps in the direction of a web based video network.

What? When I read this my first thought was, puleeze (please)! YouTube, being the prime mover in the video sharing space and having huge momentum puts even the best would be competitor well behind the eight ball. No chance of this happening. This just does not fit with Apple's general business model. But, hey, stranger things have happened and you can never under estimate Steve Jobs.


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