What's wrong with sport fishing films and TV

What's wrong with sport fishing films and TV? Arrrrrgh! How disappointing the programming continues to be. And to think, some of these shows are being renewed for another season. Let's see, where do I start with this conundrum?

Aaah, the show concepts themselves is a good place. There has to be some creative fishermen out there that can conjure up a show genie to bring forth an engaging, entertaining and educational production concept. Can we please move beyond the show where some angler with novice skills plays hosts, displays a real lack of fishery knowledge and then promotes the cheesy, that's right, cheesy resort putting him up for the length of the production. Let's move beyond this format. How about build a show around a fishing captain, guide or angler that actually possesses real depth of knowledge of more than the spit of water in his backyard. They do exist.

Now the good part or should I say the most broken down aspect of fishing shows. Destinations! Out of respect for all those that fish around the world, can we see some new destinations? It seems that for the past eleventy billion seasons, we have held hostage to the same destinations in every show. Florida and the Florida Keys, Pinas Bay, Panama, Central Pacific Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Alaska, Alaska, Alaska... Damn, enough already. Step out of the box. I understand budgeting drives much of this, but there are so many other affordable options around the world.

There used to be great show concepts and talented sportsman as hosts. Think Curt Gowdy and the American Sportsman or Flip Pallot and The Walkers Cay Chronicles. Now these guys had it going on. Consummate sportsman, terrifically engaging personalities and angling skill to boot. On top of that they really traveled to some off the beaten path destinations. The premier episode of American Sportsman took place in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, in 1964, with Gowdy and Joe Brooks fly fishing. There was no blurring the edges or covering over of personality flaws, this was gritty hard nosed outdoor action.

Since that time, and all the way up to and beyond Flip's show, the fly fishing community seems to have figured out how to put real entertaining projects together. Just like the skiing, surfing and skate boarding communities, fly fishermen have figured out how to produce films and videos that the audience wants to watch. Some of these have developed develop real cult followings. As I look at my video shelf, it is not hard to notice that of all the kick ass films and videos non are from the conventional sport fishing genre. Why can't the sport fishing community figure out how to put together some clever films and videos on top of good quality television programming? This is a mystery for the times.

One last thing. Many of the companies involved in producing these worthless sport fishing shows acknowledge the shows are bad, but continue down the same road because it is easy. This is funny.

I have a plan to fix this. Stay tuned!

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Seth Horne