Market Reach with Full Throttle Media Films

In order to reach, I mean really reach, your audience you have to entertain them rather than approach them with a hard sell.

Film is one of the most elaborate examples yet of the intersection of the entertainment and advertising industries, with the internet shaping up as the main distribution crossroad.

We are seeing more sophisticated techniques, such as short films, where the aim is to sell a product, but to cleverly do the advertising in a subtle way. These short films can be very entertaining and exciting, but also promote a product behind the main theme.

There is evidence of shortened attention spans and a greater effort to break through the clutter of multitudinous brands and media vehicles. The best way to deliver the message is to catch the customer off-guard when the rational defenses are down. The best way to do so is to use the emotional gate rather than the rational gate. The rational gate examines the advantages, benefits, features and seeks value for money; the emotional gate is all about trust, love, identification and belief. It has been noticed that films operate at the emotional level. These aspects can be leveraged by super brands.

Thus, the prime value of Full Throttle Media projects is reflected in the tremendous opportunity available for advertising exposure through our sophisticated approach to contextual brand placement or themed media campaigns associated with our film projects.

Sponsors find our programs extremely valuable marketing vehicles through which they can target the various demographic rich sports enthusiast communities where Full Throttle Media has developed relationships. All our film sponsorship packages can be customized, specific to the corporate strategies and/or the institutional guidelines of your company’s interests.

Advantages of brand placements in Full Throttle Media films:

  • Diminishing cost due to the longevity of video online and in DVD form
  • Brand exposure is revived and revisited several times as film's are watched
  • Lower cost relative to broadcast or print media and the ability to reach target audience
  • With the average 30-second spot costing $50,000-$400,000 or more, product placement is a minor expense
  • Ability to integrate your product and/or theme into the production
  • Achieve significant increase in brand awareness amongst audience
  • Film is a clutter-free environment
  • Not subject to surfing, zipping or muting (unlike in TV and other media)
  • Since your product is integrated into the show, you have a 'captive audience'
  • Ads catch people in a receptive mood
  • Tremendous opportunity for cross-promotions

Our films are an extremely valuable marketing vehicle for power brands to target the demographic various rich sport enthusiast community and related recreational enthusiasts.

Go Full Throttle Media! Share the experience, sell the dream...
Seth Horne