The bete noire of production

Nothing in the production world, or for that matter any economic endeavor, happens without financing. In the media production world, financing is always very difficult due to the risk involved. There are so many variables at play that effect the outcome of a project. But, when you are relying on others to pony up the dough, you are at the mercy of either a bete noire or an angel. All of us, who have dealt with film financing, know how chaotic the process can be up until the cash is in the bank. At Full Throttle Media we have had to deal with some less than honest characters.

Why is it that so many people are ready to back a production without even knowing what the process entails. Grand dreams of getting rich over night seem to pervade. It is usually greed or the bete noire of financing that grips these souls. I am usually left shaking my head in amazement at how fool hearty these depraved jackholes are.

Just the early part of this fall, after a year of discussion with the ministry of tourism in a certain country who were real eager to fund a big project the entire process came to an abrupt halt. It was their greed that screwed up the whole deal. As it turns out, certain officials had grand designs on absconding the money once it was released by the Government and leaving Full Throttle Media holding the bag. I hope these corrupt officials have their day in the sun.

The thing that irks me the most is not having the project fall apart, that is a regular occurrence in this biz, but having my time wasted. Greed and corruption are a motherf***er that will drag you down. I am glad to have not gotten caught up in this BS. My philosophy is to follow the way of my father and be the bigger man. Do what is right for those involved in the deal, think less about yourself and everything will work out well. As for the bete noire of financing, beat that fool down.

Go Full Throttle Media! Share the experience, sell the dream...
Seth Horne